Specific objectives of the project

The aim of DoQuP project is the definition and implementation of an on-line documentation system for the quality assurance (QA) of study programmes (SPs) in the partner countries (PCs), consistent with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) for internal QA of higher education institutions (HEI).

This aim will be pursued through the cooperation of all the project partners, national authorities included.


Wider objectives of the project are:

• to bring the QA process of SPs in PCs into line with the ESG for internal QA;

• to enhance quality of SPs in PCs and to increase their comparability in and among PCs and with SPs of EU, in order to allow all the interested parties to formulate an informed assessment of the educational process offered by SPs and to enhance mutual trust in the quality of SPs;

• to promote modernisation of higher education and to increase transparency of SPs in PCs, through an on-line management of information and data necessary to assure quality of SPs;

• to promote the accreditation of the on-line documentation system for the QA of SPs in PCs to be designed and implemented by the competent national authorities, in order to guarantee its dissemination among all the universities of the PCs and its sustainability.