The accomplishment of the established aims and objectives will be discussed and shared by all the partner institutions in the context of specific workshops.


Workshop Where When
1. Workshop on Standards for QA of SPs in PCs KG – Bishkek 30.04-05.05.2012
2. Workshop on information and data for QA of SPs KZ – Astana 21.08-25.08.2012
3. Workshop on methodologies and procedures of documentation TJ – Dushanbe 12.03-16.03.2013
4a. Workshop on responsibilities and facilities for documentation AZ – Baku 23.09-26.09.2013
4b. Workshop on software for on-line management AZ – Baku 23.09-26.09.2013
5a. Workshop on implementation of procedures and facilities KZ – Almaty 04-06.06.2014
5b. Workshop on implementation of software for on-line management KZ – Almaty 04-06.06.2014


Training Seminars

Three training seminars, attended by academic and administrative staff involved in the QA process in the partner institutions, will introduce:

a) the methodologies and procedures of definition, collection elaboration and documentation of information and data for QA of SPs,

b) the university responsibilities and facilities for the management of information and data for QA of SPs,

c) the design and production of the software for the on-line management of information and data for QA of SPs, respectively.


Training Seminar Where When
1. Training/Updating seminar on information and data for QA of SPs



2. Training Seminar on facilities for collection and documentation



3. Training Seminar on software for on-line management





Final Conference

The last month but one of the project a Final Conference will be organised with the participation of the governmental structures of the PCs, the academic community and all the Consortium members. The Conference will be devoted to presenting all the results of the project, and in particular to disseminate the documentation system and to promote its sustainability.

The Final Conference will be held in KG-Bishkek.


Dissemination meetings

Dissemination meetings devoted to present the project objectives, the developed activities, the obtained results and the activities to be developed will be organised in coincidence with the planned Workshops and Final Conference.